Collaborative games – Guy Girard, Megan Leach, Steven & Casi Cline

A. Plato said that any cop can be a poet
B. Therefore millipedes will stampede through your daydreams
C. This is why the moon is red

A.The cattle wail their milk from throbbing teats
B. Therefore hedgehogs may tunnel deep
C. This is why Atlanta is the window of Atlantis

A. Toes multiply on the 5th of June
B. Therefore my pillow is full of spiders
C. So be careful when you drink marbles through your navel

Famous Dates of Surrealism:
Today: Sigmund Freud is analyzed by the marx brothers.
Also Today: Marx Ernst procreates with Man Ray to beget an infinity sponge.
May 13, 1968: Giorgio watched a film that resembled his dream and concluded that which is untranslatable.
July 14 1942: Leonora Carrington decided to use purple ink to write her obituary.
August 7, 1967: That infamous day when franklin rosemont invented an egg purifier machine.
July 21, 1990: Hieronymus Bosch was taught to ride a bicycle.
August 7, 1849: Benjamin Peret swallowed an ostritch whole.
May 4, 1792: Gerard De Nerval is invited to a Sioux pow-wow.
1 Minute B.C: A letter came for the department of dream research calling for an immediate cease and desist due to copyright infringement.
Jan. 1 1923 – The babel tower is destroyed by the survivors of the raft of medusa

The face of surrealism is a lion in a cabbage

The cabbage of a lion is not a surrealism face

the face of surrealism likes to see lions eat cabbage

the feet of academicism hates to listen to antelopes drinking coca cola

the hands of antelopes eat coca cola academics

antelopean cocaine is an academic practice largely involving hands

A toad is not a toad stool
a stool can be a toad if it eats a magic mushroom
a nail on a nail threatens frogs on a cherry tree
a sphere can give life to tadpoles inside the planets core
the core of a tadpole is anti-spherical in nature and unable to give life
the charming prince’s brain is the perfect cube used now as a gravestone

The cataleptic woman likes to live inside her seashell
the hysterical male prefers to die on the other side of the moon
the calm woman may prefer to live on the front of the sun
the sun may not affront the woman if her preference is to live
a black star wishes to fight with a superman transformed into a zombie

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