Nov. 27 Games

The Flesh-eating books have become enraged.
Therefore the somber orange hue remains visible.
That is why ovaries never sing.

The larva cannot become a ladybug.
Therefore the earth is unraveling.
This is why the larvae should eat cinnamon.

The clouds are dripping marshmallow juice.
Therefore the great hibernation has begun.
That is how mitochondria may become enlightened.

Casi has transformed into Mt. Fuji.
Therefore the fronds parted.
This is why the ears are sprouting lizard tongues.

The road outside is made of mice.
Therefore the frog’s gaze continued unwavering in its deceit.
That is how endocytic stains may be erased.

Carpel tunnels are interwoven into the city.
Therefore the goat begat a groan.
This is why the flew to the lighthouse.

Catfish fly higher than any other fruit.
Therefore a spiderweb plague is brewing.
That is why we sprouted wings.

Witches eat calf blood for lunch.
Therefore a spirit knocks at the door.
This is why equilibrium is attainable.

Swamps call out for more moles and better wages.
Therefore electricity turns into blood.
That’s because a cat’s sins cannot be conceived.

Snakes duck into the homes of bee aficionados.
Therefore your coat is reciting the alphabet.
That is why sound was removed from our conscious memory.


Jan 2: Kitten entrails get together to start a revolution.

Feb 2: Multifarious moles will divulge their secret teachings.

March 3: A torpal wind will carry a fine swarm of bees to the moon.

April 17: Extraterrestrial honeybees will impregnate all storage sheds.

May 17: Trump’s entrails will be consumed by birds.

June 1: Each creature will grow a second shadow.

August 3: The Earth will shed its crust and grow scales.

(Megan, Casi, Steven)

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